For the 4th year running, the Wicked Comics will be hosting a Cosplay Competition during the Malta Comic Con 2012. The Cosplay Competition will be held on both days – that is the 8th and 9th December from 5pm – 6pm. There are 4 categories with a total of 4 winners.

So what is Cosplay?

Cosplay is when people wear a Costume and Play (act) as a character. Cosplay is not like Carnival or Halloween! People don’t wear the costumes and parade around… cosplay is much more! When someone cosplays, s/he becomes that character.

And what makes a good cosplayer?

A good cosplayer is someone who knows how to act as the character s/he chooses. Someone who knows everything about that character and they impersonate him/her as much as possible. A good cosplayer is also someone who sews the garments and makes the accessories themselves instead of buying them! Most importantly to be a good cosplayer you need to be confident and enthusiastic.

But what will make this Cosplay Competition stand out?

To start off with, we will have a special host this year who will present the competition. The host will make the competition entertaining as well as introduce each contestant!

International Judges Galore!
You’ve heard us right! This year joining Sonia Leong on the judges panel, we have international cosplayer Calssara coming all the way from Germany! Calssara is multi-award cosplayer and has high expectations from the Maltese cosplayers! Other international and local judges will also form part of the panel.

How do you participate in the MCC 2012, Cosplay competition?

Very simple.

First of all decide which character you like and start preparing your costume! Costumes should be hand sewn but you may also buy your costume or have someone else sew it for you.

Keep an eye for details! Lots of character costumes have details and accessories. Make sure you design all the little details because they could ‘make or break’ a costume!

Do your best! A lot of people like to cosplay but not everyone puts the same enthusiasm and effort. If you participate in the cosplay competition make sure your costume is up to standard and is not missing any parts!

If you’ve checked the following points….

Download the form and fill it up. Make sure you read all the details and obey all the rules!

You can fill your form digitally and send a copy of the filled up form via email on A hard copy of the application needs to be submitted on the day of the competition together with payment.

Applications will also be available on the day at the Wicked Comics Stand however they will be subject to a 4Euros charge instead of 3 Euros.

Last but not least… HAVE FUN!

DOWNLOAD Cosplay Competition Form for the MCC 2012.

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