THE TEMPLARS OF THE SHIFTING VERSE is a new independent comic from new writer/artist Christopher Hazeldine. Set in the fantasy world of Obar and following the lives of four immortals as they attempt to adapt to the challenges of the modern world and face the dark forces that threaten it.

In the first issue we begin in a time long after the adventure has ended to find Augustus Praxio, the first immortal, voluntarily imprisoned in a mysterious airship. Through his recollections we are taken back to 1953 to witness the swansong of The Templars of the Shifting Verse, an ancient order of heroes steeped in mystery and confusion.

The narrative moves through history and each issue will continue the main arc, as well as offering short stories to illustrate the history of both the characters and the world. The end goal is both an interesting narrative that muses on the nature of belief, the importance of friendship, and the uncertainty of history. The story contains elements of heroic fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, and comedy.

The first issue is available to read for free on Tapastic here:

If you’d like to support the comic, you can buy a digital copy for your Kindle device here:

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