Newsletter Issue No. 4 – April/May 2012

Introductory note

The owl is perhaps the animal which is most associated with wisdom in everyday life. The month of April was full of such wisdom, if I may say so, starting with Anton Grasso”s presentation on the writing genre of horror and ending with the Front Against Censorship going into the knitty gritty details of censorship in Malta. And of course, we cannot forget Black, White and Read all Over – The Writers Club”s first conference and major event for this year, which was sandwiched in between. In this newsletter I hope to touch on the main points of wisdom which emerged from each event and then it”s on to outlining the coming month of The Writers Club which, I am sure, will prove intriguing to the majority as you will discover for yourself down below!

Public Seminar – Horror and Literature: Anton Grasso

Anton Grasso kick started the month of April with his presence on April 2nd to discuss the element of horror in literary works. During these two hours, Grasso read out excerpts from two of his early works, one of them being “Incens” featuring “Il-Festa tal-Boloh” while commenting on writing skills at intervals.

Anton Grasso”s advice to us all is: “Keep it real!”

Grasso”s most recent work: Il-Kittieb is now for sale!

Black, White and Read all Over

The much-awaited conference took place at the Dolmen Resort Hotel in Qawra on the 14th and 15th of April. A highly intensive, varied conference, Black, White and Read all Over covered a wide spectrum of dimension concerning literary work.

On Saturday, Dr Alfred Sant presented on prose, Caldon Mercieca and Glen Calleja focused on poetry, Jean Pierre Magro took the floor on script writing, Chris le Galle diverged into comic writing and Christian Peregin into journalistic writing.

Sunday being more focused on the process following the manuscript presented Giuliana Fenech with the work of an editor, Chris Gruppetta on the work of a publisher, Veronica Stivala spoke about book reviews and Jean Pierre Magro took us into the intriguing world of transmedia.

A great success it sure was, as from the feedback received from all delegates present, and a wealth of knowledge to say the least!

Story Writing Techniques – A Creative Twist!

Robert Fenech Castaldi spoke about how to develop an idea and create a story which is captivating to the readers. Inspiration comes in various media – such as music and art. The importance of developing all-rounded characters in the story and to give it grounding in reality, irrespective of the magnitude of fantasy characteristic to the work was also highlighted.

“To every action there is a reaction”

Robert also invites us to be open to new ideas and to experiment with different genres of writing. Who knows…you may find you excel in the genre you dread!

Front Against Censorship Bares it All

Speaker of the Front Against Censorship, Ingram Bondin reveals the past, present and future of the Front Against Censorship in Malta and the current stand of censorship-related laws. It is evident that although laws are being uplifted and others amended, the fight is far from over.

“One”s right to express oneself is a basic freedom”

Through discussion, it became evident that as writers we hold one unanimous belief – we are to be free to express ourselves in whatever manner we please. We hope to live in a reality which respects our right to liberal creative expression as writers… and the freedom to speech as individuals!

Now that we”ve listened
And much have we learned,
The time has come for gained knowledge
Into practice to be spurred!

*All meetings are held in the Music Room at St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity in Valletta between 19:30 and 21:30, unless otherwise stated.

14th April – 27th May

Talkies: Memories and Future

The Writers Club and the Cinema Heritage Group have joined together to present a writing competition with the focus on an experience of the Cinema. Details are to be found in the poster below or by following this link:

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012

Antoine Cassar – Passaport

Poet and writer Antoine Cassar will join us for two hours on May 2nd to read out his renowned poem Passaport which has been translated into eight languages so far. Erin Stewart will accompany him and they will read out the poem in tandem – in Maltese and in English, giving prestige to the original piece in Maltese and also reading out the English version, which gives it a perspective of translation. Later during the evening, Keith Azzopardi, B.A. linguistics student who has criticised Cassar”s Passaport as part of his dissertation, will offer us his critique and ask Cassar to clarify certain questions which were raised during his work.

Tuesday, 8th May

The Human Comedy Science and Literature Workshop

A workshop and discussion delivered by Justin Fenech regarding the novel, inspirational role of science in modern literature.

The workshop aims to offer the audience a new wellspring of inspiration. Science – be it biology, psychology, astronomy or anthropology, has far more to offer the poet, the philosopher, and the bon vivant, the spiritual than facts. Science can offer not merely facts, but more importantly it can offer entire lifestyles, moralities and philosophies.

So join us for an evolution of poetry!

Monday, 14th May

Ink on paper – Writing workshop 1

Ink on paper – Writing workshop 1 is the start to a series of writing workshops which will take place throughout summer during which writers are invited to bring over their work – be it ready or in progress, and present it to fellow writers and others attending. Each will then criticise and be criticised to enhance the writing process.

Tuesday, 22nd May

Ink on paper – Writing workshop 2

This workshop continues on the previous one, giving space for writers to present a second work and practice (i) their critical eye at giving feedback and (ii) their receptiveness to criticism.

Monday, 28th May

Children”s literary works – Writing workshop 3

Also a writing workshop, writers will be invited to present works which may be ready or in progress, to others attending. This time, however, the target audience is children between the ages of six and twelve and the literary works must, of course, be appropriate. Each of these works may be read out at the Puttinu Cares Marathon and also within the Rainbow Ward throughout the year.

TWC welcomes new members aged 16-25. Feel free to join us for an innovative literary experience creative down to its roots!

For more details, and to catch us at our random events, follow TWC on Facebook:

and Twitter:!/TWCWritersClub

TWC is working in collaboration with St James Cavalier, English Speaking Union (ESU), British Council, Inizjamed, PoezijaPlus, DESA, the University of Malta, Malta ComicCon, Versatili, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS), and Pilot. It is also a registered organisation with Agenzija Zghazagh.

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