After three years in the making, Theatrics is finally is being collected in one amazing 132 PAGE HARDCOVER GRAPHIC NOVEL! Exclusively on Kickstarter.

What is Theatrics?

Theatrics is a collection of the five-issue run of the popular webcomic of the same name ( Created by writer Neil Gibson and illustrator Leonardo Gonzalez in 2016 with Jan Wijngaard as color artist, and Jim Campbell as letterer.

Theatrics follows the story of fallen-heartthrob Rudy Burns. Set in 1920s New York, it follows Rudy as he goes from the glimmer and glitz of broadway, to the down and dirty gyms of the emerging boxing culture of early 20th century America. But what would cause the world’s biggest theater star to give up the star-lit stage for the blood-stained one?

Read the comic to find out…

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