Following the extremely successful fund raising campaign for Stefano Cardoselli’s Walk (one-shot comic), Thirsty Shadow Productions have just announced another comic from the Italian creator and co-founder of Azurek Studios, titled Vegas Yeah Yeah.

Despite the fact that details regarding this project are so far scarce there is already a considerable amount of hype surrounding this forthcoming title, namely because not only does it feature the work of rising creator Stefano Cardoselli but also because the protagonist of this title will be none other then Taffeta Darling!

Taffeta Darling is a lot of things. As a pin-up model she was Sam Johnson’s Fan Babe of the Year in 2010 and a finalist for Texas Pin-up model of the Year, “Hot Rods and Heels“, in 2011 and has since become a gypsy costumer and reference model. A regular at conventions and willing to travel near and far in search of adventure, Taffeta has also worked with several SFX artists for various studios and has covered the Dallas Burlesque Show and Star Wars Fan Days for Attack of the Show on the G4 Network. Taffeta is a regular contributor on the Loud Idiots Radio Show with her segment. “Just Sayin’ w/ Taffeta Darling” and besides running her own blog,, has posted for Ain’t It Cool News and others!

Now, the lovely Taffeta lends her talents to Thirsty Shadow Productions in their latest project from Stefano Cardoselli, Vegas Yeah Yeah. In “Vegas Yeah Yeah, the lovely Taffeta partners with the King to bring some good old-fashioned, blow-your-freakin’-brains-out-law in the City of Vegas!

And if you wanna know who the King is, you could ask Taffeta. Maybe she’ll tell you, if she doesn’t shoot you in the face first.

The King, Doughnuts, Bullets…and Taffeta! All of this and more in the latest project from Stefano Cardoselli for ThirstyShadow! Coming Soon! Stay tuned to Wicked Comics for more info on this shortly.

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