Morphing isn’t something that is alien to the world of comic books and illustration studios. The process of changing from one thing to another is often a key element of many series plots. Tres Calaveras Studios (, formerly known as NovaStar, recently announced that it will release the second issue of its flagship series, Sara Rising at New York Comic-Con later this month.

Launched last month, Tres Calaveras (which means three skulls in Spanish) is a New York-based comic and graphic novel studio and publisher. As with its former self, the studio is presenting the work of new and established artists and writers. “Tres Calaveras is a studio dedicated to creating worlds people can immerse themselves in, enjoy and share with others,” Emilio Rodriguez, co-Founder of the studio. “It is our intention to create a new paradigm and set a high and much needed standard when it comes to self-published independent comics.”

Tres Calaveras is also the home of the Sara Rising series, created by Emilio and James Rodriguez (no relation). In the continuing saga of the series heroine, Sara Rising follows the exploits of a teenage girl, an alien bounty hunter, an adaptive bio-weapon, and the alien gangsters on a mission to retrieve it. The first two issues are available for sale via the studio’s website, select stores around the tri-state area and at Comic-Con.

Want to meet the Skulls in person? Tres Calaveras will be at New York Comic-Con, October 9-12, 2014 in Booth #1257.

Tres Calaveras Studios is a New York-based comic and graphic novel studio and publisher that is also a medium for new and established writers and artists to present their work. Formerly known as NovaStar Studios, Tres Calaveras, a new incarnation of the studio, was founded in September 2014 by Emilio and James Rodriguez (no relation). For more information about Tres Calaveras Studios, visit

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