Robyn Hood: I Love NY #12


End Game

Robyn barely escaped with her life after facing Alina Rose. But before her wounds or her confidence have time to heal, she’s forced to strike back to save the city from an evil that threatens to consume it. This series-ending battle takes Robyn to the brink and sets the stage for what will become the next chapter in her life … if she can survive.

Written by Lou Iovino
Artwork by Sergio Arino, Riveiro, & Daniel Maine
Colors by Grostieta, Robby Bevard, and Jorge Cortes

Spirit Hunters #7

Years ago, detective Jerome Ferguson was on a case that took a turn for the supernatural, permanently changing the way he viewed life, or the lack thereof.  Now years later that same case has come back to haunt him, in the most literal sense.

In this all-new terrifying story, the Spirit Hunters investigate a gruesome mystery at a haunted condo.

Written by Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by Joe Sanchez Diaz
Colors by Jorge Cortes

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