Zenescope Entertainment New Releases 9/28
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E.V.I.L. Heroes #2

The world as we know it is gone. There are no more countries. No more governments. There are no more people…only slaves. The new Gods of mankind have come, and they rule with an iron hand. But deep in a secret base beneath the Nevada desert lies man’s last hope.
Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Eric J
Colors by Marco Lesko
Cover A by Anthony Spay | Jorge Cortes
Cover B by Salvatore Cuffari | Mohan Sivakami
Cover C by Mike Krome
Cover D by Sami Kivela | Beezzz Studio

Robyn Hood: I Love NY #4


The first defense against the Four Horsemen has failed, and now these four unstoppable demons begin to march on the world. As the students of Arcane Acre rush to keep the civilians of New York City safe, Robyn and Marian’s feud reaches a boiling point. As the heroes are fractured and coping with immense loss, who will stop the Horsemen from completing their fatal march?
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by J.G. Miranda
Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar & Ceci de la Cruz
Cover A by Salvatore Cuffari | Walter Pereyra
Cover B by Roger Bonet |
Beezzz Studio
Cover C by Meguro
Cover D by Gregbo Watson | Mohan Sivakami
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