The Courier #3
Thinking Eve’s responsible for their leader’s death, a group of Specter gang members ambushes her and strings her up in the woods. The group intends to beat and torture Eve, but help arrives in the form of two teens who are hunting nearby. And as things escalate, Eve must make a snap decision to cut bait and run or to save the life of the kid who saved hers.Written by Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by J.G. Miranda
Colors by Bryan Valenza


Red Agent: The Human Order #8
Britney and her team are sent to Tunisia to take back an embassy that has fallen into enemy hands. They must trek across the vast desert and enter the embassy through an ancient Carthaginian tunnel system. But old tunnels hold old secrets and the sand in these parts is far more irritating than the kind you find at the beach.
Written by Lou Iovino
Artwork by Eduardo Garcia
Colors by Daniel Rosa Duran
& Maxflan Araujo
Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess TPB
Cinderella is back in a brand new series!
A loyal servant to the Dark Horde, Cindy, turned her back on it to help save the world. And all she got for her trouble was a brutal death. But sometimes those that die get a second chance and now Cindy is back with a thirst for blood. And once she’s had her revenge not a single hero in the Grimm Universe will be left alive. CollectsCinderella: Serial Killer Princess #1 – 4.Written by Dave Franchini
Artwork by Salvatore Cuffari & Fritz Casas
Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti
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