WC – Name and Surname?
LG – Chris Le Galle

WC – Any Nicknames?
LG – Gallu, Gallos, Gallo take your pick.

WC – Age?
LG – Him +1 = 34

WC – Locality?
LG – Naxxar

WC – What inspires you?
LG – Stuff I experience. Be it places I visit, people I talk to and creative works I come across.

WC – Favourite art style?
LG – Colourful and polished usually tickles my fancy.

WC – Favourite comic creator?
LG – Loads here but if I really have to choose I think Garth Ennis would be my pick.

WC – Favourite comic?
LG – Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard”s: The Walking Dead.

WC – Good quality?
LG – I”d like to say the size of my equipment but I would be lying, so I guess honesty would have to be my answer.

WC – Bad quality?
LG – Moody.

WC – Describe yourself in three words:
LG – Handsome, kind and funny. (A mirror generally does not concur with the first description.

WC – Describe your writing in three words:
LG – Dark, sick and funny.

WC – Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
LG – Prolly wormfood six feet under.

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
LG – My third time and prolly my last provided that the world does indeed end in 2012.

WC – Why do you feel that it is important for creators such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con.
LG – To raise awareness of the local scene, to meet interesting people, to learn from others, to have fun and to sell some copies of The Golden Lizard.

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
LG – More than I can handle really. But I”d like to finish my second graphic novel(Zombie Grooves) and Battle of the Koalas.

WC – A feline or a canine person?
LG – I love pussy so definitely feline.

WC – What super power do you desire?
LG – The ability to read people”s minds.

WC – All time Favourite movie?
LG – Pulp Fiction it rekindled my love for movies. Butter my Holes 7 comes a close second.

WC – If Hollywood made a movie about your life, which actor would you like playing your role?
LG – Cameron Diaz has the tits so she can play me, but I”d like to see Jason Mews although he would have to go on a burger diet.

WC – If you had a time machine…
LG – If I had a time machine I would go back to a good period in the Roman Empire become a powerful senator and partake in food feasts and orgies.

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