WC – Name and Surname
DF – Dean Fenech

WC – Any Nicknames
DF – You”ll have to ask my students that one

WC – Age
DF – 26

WC – Locality
DF – Mellieha

WC – What inspires me…
DF – TV, Movies and music

WC – Favourite Medium
DF – Pencil, pen, ink and photoshop

WC – Favourite Art Style
DF – Realistic Manga mixed with Some Jim Lee American comic style

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga Artist
DF – Akira Toriyama, Tohru Fujisawa, Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Jim Lee

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga
DF – Dragonball, GTO, Batman

WC – Good Quality
DF – Caring

WC – Bad Quality
DF – Sarcastic (considered being bad to those who are too stupid to understand it)

WC – Describe yourself / your art in 3 words
DF – My art is East meets West

WC – In 10 years time…
DF – It will be the year 2021

WC – Personal accomplishments (name a couple)
DF – Published 2 books, 2 degrees form University, and became more awesome

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
DF – No, it”s the 3rd time, I”ve participated every year.

WC – Why do you feel it is important for artists such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con?
DF – Meet new people, mix ideas, create the scene so we can all benefit from it

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
DF – The second part of Apocalypse Rocked, The Boy who Saved Rock n Roll, and some other projects

WC – If you were a t-shirt what would you be like?
DF – Black and Rock/movie related

WC – Last book was…
DF – Kurt Cobain Godspeed

WC – All time Favourite song
DF – Aerosmith – I don”t wanna miss a thing

WC – What super power do you desire?
DF – Flight and time travel

WC – If I had a time machine…
DF – I would so screw up history

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