WC – Name and Surname
EM – Elizabeth (“Liz”) Mallia

WC – Any Nicknames
EM – Liz

WC – Age
EM – 20

WC – Locality
EM – Siggiewi

WC – What inspires me…
EM – Good question . . . let me think about it . . . um . . . bunnies? Seriously, I find so many things inspiring: nature, animals, bizarre dreams.

WC – Favourite Medium
EM – At the moment pen and ink and watercolour, but I”m trying my hand at digital art

WC – Favourite Art Style
EM – Art nouveau

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga Artist
EM – Hiroaki Samura, author of “Blade of the Immortal”

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga
EM – “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” by Bryan Lee O”Malley

WC – Good Quality
EM – Determination

WC – Bad Quality
EM – Tactless

WC – Describe yourself / your art in 3 words
EM – Could do better

WC – In 10 years timE…
EM – Hope I”ll have started some epic web comic

WC – Personal accomplishments (name a couple)
EM – Learning to use perspective

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
EM – No, been here since 2009

WC – Why do you feel it is important for artists such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con?
EM – To gain publicity for our art and to meet like-minded people

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
EM – A short comic called “Soulcakes”, which deals with the deeply existential question Would you sell your soul for a pancake?

WC – All time Favourite song
EM – “White Rabbit”, as sung by Emiliana Torrini

WC – What historical personality would you like to meet? Why?
EM – Napoleon, to ask how he was able to defeat the Quadrilateral

WC – Favourite subject at school (apart from ART)
EM – Commercial law

WC – If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
EM – World domination!

WC – What makes you angry?
EM – Pointless cruelty

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