WC – Name and Surname
FG – Fabio Giangolini

WC – Any Nicknames
FG – None

WC – Age
FG – 33

WC – Locality
FG – Gudja (originally from Rome)

WC – What inspires me?
FG – Books and international news

WC – Favourite Medium
FG – Pencil, technical pens and paper

WC – Favourite Art Style
FG – American

WC – Favourite Comic Artist
FG – Jim Lee

WC – Favourite Comic
FG – The Punisher

WC – Describe your art in 3 words
FG – Dark and highly kinetic

WC – In 10 years time…
FG – I will be 10 years older.

WC – Personal accomplishments (name a couple)
FG – Marrying my wife, starting my own company, introducing QR codes to Malta

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
FG – No.

WC – Why do you feel it is important for artists such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con?
FG – In order to change the widespread perception that comic books are an inferior form of art.

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
FG – Completing the For Gallantry mini-series.

WC – Last book was
FG – “Not a Good Day to Day” by Sean Naylor

WC – All time Favourite song
FG – “It”s my life” by Bon Jovi

WC – What historical personality would you like to meet?
FG – Gabriele D”Annunzio, to join him in his daring night time raid in the Gulf of Buccari.

WC – All time Favourite movie
FG – “Black Hawk Down” by Ridley Scott

WC – If I was an animal I would be
FG – A wolf

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