WC – Name and Surname
JMZ – Jeanelle Marie Zammit

WC – Any Nicknames
JMZ – J., Jeanne, Jean u Natsume (artist name/internet name)

WC – Age
JMZ – 21

WC – Locality
JMZ – Malta

WC – What inspires me…
JMZ – Seasons, moods, music, art techniques, games, my boyfriend

WC – Favourite Medium
JMZ – Watercolours and Corel Painter- I cannot choose between them

WC – Favourite Art Style
JMZ – Manga

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga Artist
JMZ – There are way too many to mention; Tanemura Arina probably is my favourite though

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga
JMZ – I have no favourite either, but, if I had to choose; “Good Witch of the West”, “Bride of the Water Lord” ,”Full Moon” and “More Starlight to Your Heart”. I cannot choose between them.

WC – Good Quality
JMZ – Stamina (able to work ad nausem for 1 single goal)

WC – Bad Quality
JMZ – If there is nobody (namely, my boyfriend) to encourage me, I give up very easily.

WC – Describe yourself / your art in 3 words
JMZ – Myself; relaxed, positive, moody, My art; Moody, serene, vibrant

WC – In 10 years time…
JMZ – 10 years is too long. Art-wise I hope I would be working somewhere where I can use my hobbies; I want to make use of them to the full.

WC – Personal accomplishments (name a couple)
JMZ – Being able to fully tone 2 short manga, improvement in colouring techniques, improvement in anatomy and style

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
JMZ – No, it is my 3rd time

WC – Why do you feel it is important for artists such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con?
JMZ – To meet other artists; both like yourself and different, To promote oneself, Be part of a group where one can actually belong

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
JMZ – Finish my collaboration with Bernard Micallef (my boyfriend) RPGB, Maybe continue my own manga “Living. Dreaming” albeit I”d need a trip to Japan first!

WC – Last book was…
JMZ – “Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” MURAKAMI Haruki

WC – All time Favourite song
JMZ – Natsukage- MAEDA Jun (Visual Arts/KEY)

WC – What historical personality would you like to meet? Why?
JMZ – Masamune Date (One Eyed Dragon); He was a very cunning liege lord but also quite the promoter of Western Culture in an otherwise hostile Japan.

WC – What makes you angry?
JMZ – People who misunderstand me on purpose.

WC – If I had a time machine…
JMZ – I”d go to the Heian Era (Japanese Historical Era) and talk to Murasaki Shikibu; I really need it for my ongoing manga!

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