WC – Name and Surname
SK – Bond, James Bond…. or… Shaun Kami, That”ll do.

WC – Any Nicknames
SK – Squirt, Shorty, Little stuff, midget and Wolfie.

WC – Age
SK – 21 going on 6.

WC – Locality
SK – From Bugibba!

WC – What inspires me
SK – When it comes to getting down to drawing it”s always Music that I turn to, being completely tone deaf and unable to utter a single note without deafening any nearby beings I usually decide to draw to a song I love rather then sing to it.

WC – Favourite Medium
SK – Digital Art with my trusty Wacom!

WC – Favourite Art Style
SK – Anime and Manga of course.

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga Artist
SK – Mitsukazu Mihara, although my art style has nothing to do with hers, The series DOLL is what managed to capture my heart from start to finish.

WC – Favourite Comic / Manga
SK – Too many to name.

WC – Good Quality
SK – Is preferred. Because I don”t know what I”m supposed to say to this.

WC – Bad Quality
SK – is….bad?

WC – Describe yourself art in 3 words
Crazy, Chaotic, Creative.

WC – In 10 years time?.
SK – I will be 31; and hopefully better at art then I currently am. I always strive to improve and honestly am looking forward to the day I can point my art out and proudly exclaim, “I drew that.”

WC – Personal accomplishments
SK – None so far. I”m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to… everything.

WC – Is this your first time participating in the Malta Comic Con?
SK – Not at all! I”ve been to all of “em so far and I”m here to stay.

WC – Why do you feel it is important for artists such as yourself to participate in the Malta Comic Con?
SK – Well the art of comic and manga is severely underrated around here in my opinion, the Malta Comic con is a chance for us artists to show that even this small island has talent when it comes to comic and manga illustration. In my past con experiences I have made many friends to share similar interests that I would have never known had I not participated.

WC – Any projects in the pipeline?
SK – None so far, I”m not satisfied with what I produced enough for that but I do home that once I reach my peak I will be able to produce an artbook or two.

WC – A feline or a canine person?
SK – Dogs, Most defiantly dogs.

WC – What super power do you desire?
SK – The ability to fly would be wicked!

WC – Favourite colour
SK – Black. Gotta love the colour Black. Is that even a color?

WC – If you were a stationary item in a pencil case, what would you be?
SK – Sharpener. So I could sharpen my skills.

WC – What makes you angry?
SK – Close minded people.

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