Top Shelf Productions just announced that issue 43 of World War 3 Illustrated’s anthology is available for pre-order from the latest edition of Diamond Previews and will be officially released in July 2012. Titled Expression / Repression / Revolution this issue is edited by Seth Tobocman, Carlo Quispe and Rebecca Migdal. This 7″ x 9″ black & white, soft cover anthology is 112 pages long and is priced at $7 (US).

For the July 2012 issue of World War 3 Illustrated, artists and writers have been invited to address the topics of censorship and repression in all forms, from the most personal to the most political, from the banning of works of art to the busting of demonstrations to the self-censorship of our own thoughts. Our international group of artists this issue includes: Sue Coe, Mike Diana, Peter Kuper, Magdy El Shafee, Kevin Pyle, Seth Tobocman, Gianlucca Costantini, Blu, Ganzeer, Sandy Jimenez, Frances Jetter and many others. With stories about Occupy Wall Street, Julian Assange, The Comics Code Authority, Bradley Manning, Art School, David Wojnarowicz, A.R.A., the Arab Spring and many other controversial subjects. Published by WW3 Illustrated and distributed by Top Shelf.

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