Ximphonic Versus: Symphony Of The Phantom Knight, is the full title of a new series that will be published by Markosia Enterprise.

Ximphonic Versus could be described as a beautiful, dark and tragic Fantasy Opera which has been 15 years in the making! Xing Xing is the creator/writer/artist/inker/flats colorist, with digital colors by Endro Gatotkaca and Kevin Combs from the studio of DSBEniX Digital Entertainment. The fable will touch on realistic tones but set in a very stunning Fantasy backdrop. The characters lead interesting lives, plagued by the everyday things we all know and understand. The complexity of the story comes from their relationships and personal lives. It also takes a look at how do they deal with situations of love, heartbreak, forgiveness and evil. Human emotions set in a fantasy world. Apart from the story, the highlight of the series is the stunning art on every page and panel with action that transcends what is out today. An amazing soundtrack is being composed for each volume of this series by famed Michael Roberts. Readers will also have access to Royal lineage charts, different languages and much more.

Set During the twilight days of the Fabula Cristallum Thronus (Latin for ” Tale of the Crystal Throne “). The plot centers around the war for the last Ximphonic Swords of Destiny and the champion of lament who wields them. This failed champion must make a choice between two evils as he seek’s to redeem himself and bring his beloved back from the dead. Whilst old hates fueled by generation long wars have led to the invasion by the vastly superior Countith’alyian Dynasty who seek to capture the Swords and the Last Throne Of Kings.




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