It’s time to order the next edition of the exclusive, collectible Zenbox! Featuring never-before-seen exclusive items and merchandise, the San Diego Comic Con Edition will be better than ever!

This is a “blind” box, filled with an assortment of exclusive items — like rare books, collectibles, gear, and much more — where the mystery is half the fun! In fact, these boxes will be the only chance you have to collect the Wonderland #48 ZENBOX Exclusive shown here!

Wonderland #48 – Cover D
ZENBOX Exclusive (300)
Elias Chatzoudis

Quantities are limited, so order the ZENBOX: SDCC EDITION by clicking here.
*Shipping Week of San Diego Comic Con: 7/18-7/22*
Please Note: If you are interested in additional exclusive items, the VIP Edition Zenboxes are ONLY available through vip@zenescope.com! All Zenboxes ordered on our webstore will be the Fan Editions.
If you are not yet a VIP member and are interested in a chance at receiving the VIP Editions, please contact vip@zenescope.com or purchase a VIP membership here:http://shop.zenescope.com/vip-membership/
And be on the lookout for these other editions coming soon:
New York Comic Con Edition
Holiday Edition
Grimm Fairy Tales #1 Edition
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