Secret Wars Limited Series (1-9)
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic
Colours by Ive Svorcina
Lettering by Clayton Cowles
Published by Marvel Comics
Covers by Alex Ross

Review by Christopher Muscat

It took a while for the whole series to finally be published and it is only recently that I have managed to read the last Marvel event. This unveiled the next step of the Marvel Universe’s evolution. It promised to be the end of both the Marvel Universe (Earth – 616) and the Ultimate Universe (Earth – 1610) and the creation of a merged new one.

Similarly to Secret Wars Limited series (1984), published in and fondly remembered during my youth, the main villain is once again Doctor Doom. Given the circumstances happening throughout the various comics, Victor Von Doom grabbed the opportunity and made plans to gain the power to stir the events in his favour and become the absolute god he always desired. Shaping a new world from different worlds, realities and previous events, he became the new ruler, with various barons supervising each domain. Marvel did also publish several limited series, with tales depicting the characters in these domains, however reading them is not essential to better understand this story.

I believe that this was one of Jonathan Hickman’s most accessible storylines. Hickman usually tends to make complex plots and pending storylines that come together much later in his story arc. Although it is still somewhat evident here, with the foundations for this limited series being established in previous comics earlier months (or possibly years), this is still easy to follow. Another aspect that I enjoyed is the choice of characters involved. Although some of the main characters of the Marvel Universe, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor or Spider-man feature this time around, they have a more supporting role and thus lesser known characters are the ones that shine through this limited series. This portrays a fresh and intriguing aspect to this limited series. Another thing to check out is the dialogue between these characters.

Artwork is rendered by Malta Comic Con 2013 guest, Esad Ribic and colouring by Ive Svorcina. Each panel is breathtaking and fully detailed. The two things which I admired most are the facial expressions and the battle scenes. Esad managed to capture the best of each character in every situation, while Ive breathed life in each drawing with his palette. To wrap up everything these issues are enriched by the covers delivered by Alex Ross.

Yes, this was a crossover event that was worth it: intriguing plot, impressive artwork and some significant changes for the future of the Marvel Universe. I was sceptical at first but was very satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend this limited series, especially to Marvel fans but this is also suitable for others since it’s a fine example of exceptional storytelling.
So what does the future hold for the Marvel Universe? While some of the new launched comics pick up from where they left, others present us with a whole new scenario, which we will have to explore in the coming months and years.


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