Wicked Comics have recently had the pleasure to come in touch with Charlene Bennett a 23 year old Irish creative spirit with a deeply ingrained love for creative projects. Charlene runs a wicked Blog where she frequently reviews creative projects she reads. In her Blog Charlene recently reviewed five exciting comics and considering that some of these comics are small press Irish Indie projects, Wicked Comics have obtained Charlene’s permission to re-publish her reviews on our website as part of our continuous plan to promote the comic culture. Hopefully similar collaborations will follow. But before we start here’s some info on our Irish collaborator.

Who is Charlene Bennett?

For as long as she can remember Dublin born Charlene Bennett has always had an interest in creative projects, regardless of the medium or format. Be it music, drawing, writing or photography, creative projects have always had a strong presence in Charlene’s life. Growing up Charlene’s creative instincts led her to practice some of these hobbies extensively, but as she told Wicked Comics “as the years went by life simply got in the way”.

In her younger years Charlene wanted to become a music journalist but “with today’s music loosing its appeal” she realized that visual arts are more “her thing”. In fact over the past year she discovered a love for reviewing and promoting other artists who continuously pursue their creative vibes through the comic book industry. If like Charlene, you have a penchant for creative projects make sure to check out her Blog on http://blondepurplebruise.blogspot.com and you’ll find a lot of information on wicked projects worth keeping an eye out for.

As Charlene closes in on her 24th birthday she’s happy to report that her creative spark is returning and she’s currently writing her very own comic book. Expect more information on this shortly. She’s also recently achieved her level 5 in photography and hopes to further her knowledge in the subject in college. She also has a major interest in media and film, and looks forward for an opportunity to study this field.


Well hello everyone! My latest reads have all been brilliant Comic Books!

NESTOR #1 and #2 – Martin Green and Mike Lynch
Nestor issues #1 & #2 by Martin Greene and Writer Mike Lynch, recently hit the shelves and online store Indy Planet. Two fantastic issues with gorgeous illustrations. Nestor is a Dublin City based comic book about a vampire who’s seeking vengeance for his girlfriend, who he finds dead in their Dublin city home. Consumed by hate and rage he sets out after the men who killed her only to find himself making more of a mess of things when he meets a girl named Sara. I can’t give too much away because it’s a short story so I will leave it up to you to get the book and read it yourselves. I quite enjoyed both issues, I thought they were very well written and I think anyone who is into vampires will really enjoy the version Martin has created.

The next book I read was Mark Millar’s graphic novel SUPERIOR.
Superior is about a 12 year old boy named Simon Pooni who lives a normal life reading comic books and watching his hero Superior on the big screens. He is the best on his basketball team, until one day he gets diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, ends up in a wheelchair and goes blind in one eye. Simon prays every night to have his old life back. One night he gets visited by a talking monkey named Ormon who grants Simon his wish but turns him into Superior! All Ormon has to say to Simon is “All will be explained in one week” so without giving away anything, a lot of crazy, funny and sad things happen throughout the course of this book. Millar invites you on a great journey and really makes you feel for the characters. Well worth checking out!

ZOMBIES HI #6 – Various
Issue 6 of Zombie’s Hi (ZH) came out the 20th of August 2012. ZH is created by an Irish crew based in Derry, Northern Ireland. This issue featured a surprise, something they never did in past issues so for this reason alone it’s worth seeking out. I read issue 6 a few days ago. It’s brilliant and coupled with a few short stories including one from writer Mike Lynch (Nestor). All 3 stories here are very well written, they are really witty, funny and serious all rolled into one! As customary in ZH there are a few different artists on board, with the only constant being that all of the art is amazing! Seriously there is so much talent here that it’s inspiring!

HOUSE OF NIGHT: LEGACY – PC Cast and Kristen Cast
Last but not least I read a really good graphic novel adapted from “The house of Night” novel series By PC Cast and Kristen Cast called House of Night: Legacy. It goes back a few books to where the main character Zoey Redbird first got marked and joined the House of Night School for Vampire fledglings. Zoey needs to learn about each of the elemental powers she possesses Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit before she can commit to her first ritual of the dark daughters. This book was really good; in fact I enjoyed it so much I would love if they brought the whole series out in comic book form because while I enjoyed the books I found the story more entertaining considering that the illustrations complimented the words so well. But that’s just my opinion. If you’re a House of Night fan; then go get this book, you’ll love it!

Well that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed my rambling enough to want to read one of these stories and if you do; Happy reading! :) I would also love to know what your thoughts are on any of these stories or any other story you’ve read, I’m always on the lookout for new things to read. Until next time Excelsior!

These reviews were originally published in Charlene’s wicked When Its Right In Front of You Blog. Check it out on:

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