Trade Paper Back
Collection of issue 1 and 2
Written by Dean Fenech
Art by Dean Fenech
Colouring by Dean Fenech
Cover colouring by Stefan Agius
Foreward by Chris Le Galle

I have read my share of comics that dabbled into the rock scene. These include comics written by rock stars, biographies or others depicting rockers in horror/fantasy/science fiction adventures. I guess there may be some comics out there that might have put a fictional rock band as superheroes but this is the only one that I recall. I have known fellow rocker (Yes I am one of those too!) Dean Fenech for the last few years, so I have a general idea of his likes and influences regarding music and comics. His likes could all be found here, amalgamated together, be it Manga, Kevin Smith influenced dialogue, rock music, groupies, superheroes and more.

Part one of ‘Apocalypse Rocked’ has been introduced as a PDF format during the Malta Comic Con 2010 but the two chapters were launched in Trade Paper Back format for sale during the last edition of the Malta Comic Con. Besides being a comic writer and an artist, Dean Fenech is also a guitarist but not a rock star yet! He named the introductory character Dean Starr, as the guitarist of the rock band/superheroes, Vortex Generator. Part one of this comic introduces us to the band, who was formed and given drug oriented powers in the near apocalyptic future (what else do you expect since we have the notorious elements of Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll). Part two deals with the presentation of new characters, sexy love interests and further development of superheroing adventures.


The format and standard of Maltese comics has improved and this is one true example of it. Although the coluring is not that detailed, the art reminded me of artist Frazier Irving’s style but Dean’s is more colourful. The story evolves slowly and is not rushed. As a matter of fact, we are still experiencing the main characters’ devolepment throughout the life of vigilantism. The dialogue is funny at times. This is accompanied by the exaggerated manga influenced facial expressions. Another highlight of the comic is the hilarious foreward by Chris Le Galle. This is not for everyone’s taste but this is what you expect from him – funny, straight forward and explicit.


Certain times, some of the panels could have been drawn better as they seem to have been a rushed sketch. Whilst certain profesional artists might also do a rough sketch and improve it by the inking and colouring, this element was sometimes missing in Dean’s artwork. Details/descriptions of the scene accompanying the panels could have helped the reader to decipher where an action is taking place since at times this was slightly confusing. I do understand that speech bubbles could occupy too much space in a panel but some of them could have been placed better to aid the reader.


I loved it and you do not need to be a rocker to enjoy it too! This is only part of a story that needs to be concluded, so I recommend this wild, rocking, vigilating comic. Buy it now to support and encourage Dean to conclude this tale. It is not perfect but it is fun. Rock on! m/

For more information or to buy a copy, kindly contact Dean Fenech on

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