Michael Green, writer of HEROES, the Television’s hit series, crafted the tale surrounding another version of the Joker’s origin. This is a collection of issues 7 to 12 of the ‘Batman Confidential’ series. I was glad to find out that it was illustrated by the rough edged pencils of Denys Cowan which I had not seen for a long time. We find that Bruce Wayne is in love and is also still learning from his mistakes for his quest/obsession on fighting crime. He is frustrated and tries to combat a criminal thug through various methods, unsuccessfully. This results in consequences that bring the birth of the manically violent, Joker. The Joker portrayed here is merciless and without any sign of guilt for the atrocities committed. The thing that I did not like is not the story itself but with the various retellings out there. Which is the definitive one? As a bonus, although this is the first Joker story, look out for other firsts too! Another note is that the trade paper back’s name is Madmen not Madman! Ha Ha Ha Haaaa!!!


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