Trade Paperback collects issues 1-6 of Batman Confidential.
Publisher: DC Comics
Written by Andy Diggle
Pencilled by Whilce Portacio
Inked by Richard Friend
Coloured by David Baron and I.L.L
Lettered by Travis Lanham and Rob Leigh

As those who know me can attest, Super Heroes have never really been my cup of tea. However, every now and then I do enjoy a good Super Hero book. And when it comes to Super Heroes Batman rarely disappoints. In fact bar one or two exceptions even the Batman movies are really good.

Although there are many good Batman titles out there I chose this particular one because I consider Andy Diggle to be one of the best comic book writers around. His sense of pacing is incredible and he’s got the kind of versatility which I assume most writers would envy. Heck, Diggle can even make cereal ingredients sound interesting.

Rules of Engagement is set in the early days of Batman, and one of the most interesting aspects of this book is that Batman’s wits are more than challenged by Lex Luthor. Basically Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are both after the same government defence contract, and when a Robot designed by Wayne Enterprises goes bonkers and attacks Wayne and Luthor, Batman must understand what’s happening and save the day. Well this isn’t really a spoiler is it?

Batman’s charm stems as much from his detective work as it does from his gadgets. Both elements are evident in this book. The tone is fairly light and the dialogue is always interesting. Form the word go this is an action driven plot.

Portacio and Friend do an excellent job in the artwork department with plenty of eye candy panels. I particularly liked the way they handled Luthor which looks menacing indeed. Alfred does appear a tad too youngish but one can hardly complain about this when the rest of the book particularly the action sequences more than make up for this.

All in all this is a very solid Batman book which is light in nature but extremely entertaining. Consequently, should you wish to engage in some Super Hero reading this is an excellent place to start.

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle

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