A step away from what you would usually find in the Bioshock series with the gameplay being pushed to Columbia, a city in the clouds. Fanstatic gameplay, graphics, voice acting and a great storyline. Reviewed by VideoGamePeople.com and rated 9.5/10.

The following is part of the review –

The picture of Columbia is a fantastic piece of art in its nature. Imagine a city with no roads and its buildings floating in thin air with balloons and other contraptions. The concept of the game was a work of art including the storyline which in my opinion is one of the thumbs up for this game. In fact when I started playing it, I couldn’t get hold of either the game or the story but as soon as you start moving on into the game, you will be slowly injected with DeWitt’s background story and how he ended up in Columbia.

For the complete review – Bioshock Infinite by Noel Pulis

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