Book One

Format: running series
Full Color
Publisher: Abandoned Comics
Writer: Mike Lynch
Artist(s): Trystan Mitchell and Dwayne Maloney

Blackstar is a new superhero story created and written by Mike Lynch writer of “Nestor” the two time award winning vampire comic book that was released last year.

The book opens with a 6 page origin story illustrated by UK based artist
“Trystan Mitchell”.

I found this little short piece really good and very funny. It opens with a guy filling his truck with gas when all of a sudden an alien named Ensign says hello while trying to (what looks like) charge something up using the gas tank. The human guy takes off terrified leaving his truck behind. Then the government (or some sort of high up agency) shows up and Ensign has to run back to his ship where we meet his commander. The story ends leaving you with questions, intrigue and a craving for what is to come.

The art accompanies Mike’s writing very well. It’s beautifully colored and flows just right with the story telling.

Pages 6 and onwards are done by Limerick, Ireland based artist “Dwayne Maloney”.

This is where blackstar really kicks off! We are introduced to two best friends Brian and Chris. Brian comes in feeling down because he has been dumped by his girlfriend and Chris just goes about his business, not really caring in a very comical manner, but later decides to try cheer his friend up. They walk outside to go home but to their surprise they witness a huge comet tear through the sky and both friends are nearly blasted from the fall. Brian gets in the way of the blast to protect Chris.

Brian then wakes up in the hospital feeling all new and relaxed, but everything has changed…

Brian asks Chris over to his house because he needs to show him something in the garage. The blast left Brian with some sort of powers which later on in the book cause him to run into trouble putting both him and Chris into danger. I don’t want to spoil such a good story on new reader’s so its up to you guy’s to find out what happens for yourselves.

I loved the art in this story; it had a nice cartoony style which complimented Mikes writing very well. Brian and Chris are funny guys and this style brought them to life. There’s a great flow to the art and what was interesting to me was that Dwayne has drawn in his own speech bubbles by hand which I have never really seen before.

This book is such a pleasurable read and accessible to all ages. Mike has spent the past few years trying to make this story a reality and in reading it you can really see how much time and love went into it. Blackstar also features a nice bio on both artist at the
back of the book including a word from the creator Mike Lynch.

To buy your copy of Blackstar you can visit or if you’re living in Ireland you can buy it at the Ennis Bookshop Co. Clare.

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