Written by: Kinga Korska

Published by: vorto.pl

Review by: Ryan Scicluna

In the graphic novel Brain Fetish, Kinga Korska shares her relationship mishaps so that others don’t repeat her mistakes. Kinga gives sound advice which, after going through some difficult relationships myself, can be seen as insightful in retrospect. If you have ever read anything about relationships you may know that communication is key in addition to being honest and being yourself to maintain a healthy balanced relationship. For this reason, this comic reads like relationships for dummies but in a good way.

This is not a story of fiction – this book is more like a guide to shed some insight into complicated areas relating to love, partnerships and most of all taking care of oneself. I really enjoyed her honest portrayal of everyday problems and how they can easily be dealt with in a mature way. Kinga does not put the blame on the partner or on circumstances; neither does she point the finger at the daily stress but instead she owns up to the fact that most problems in our relationships are a cause of our inability to communicate, express ourselves and be honest with one another. Instead of finding compromises we should be looking for solutions that benefit both.

The art style is very casual and granted; it is not award-winning but it felt comforting and simple without detracting from the overall amusement of the book. It reminded me a lot of Scott McCloud’s style of narrative, with Kinga’s art style being a bit more angular.

Kinga’s writing is intelligent and insightful; this is a nice graphic novel to own as it can be used as reference or even a consoling read whenever we feel we are failing in our relationships. With the Malta Comic Con 2016 nearly round the corner, I highly recommend meeting her at her stand. More information is available at http://www.maltacomic-con.com/guests/kinga-korska/


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