Captain America: The First Avenger

4.0 stars

At last! I was waiting for this movie for a long time, not because I like Captain America that much but it is the last movie that presents all the characters for the upcoming movie The Avengers.

Still, this movie exceeded my expectations especially when compared to the old Captain America movie which gave a very cheesy version of the characters. The script was written with a meticulous attention to detail which the hardcore comic fans will recognize and appreciate. A case in point is the appearance of the first Human Torch (not the fantastic four one), and the various references and appearances to the Norse gods and Marvel”s secondary characters.

Chris Evans made a wonderful Captain America. With his acting versatility he showed the public that even if he has done another Marvel character (the human torch) they are two different type of heroes. Hugo Weaving”s facial expressions and voice brought the red skull to life and gave the audience what they wanted from the character. Tommy Lee Jones gave the movie that tough “John Wayne” humour which I really liked.

Something about the special effects. We are entering into an era where it is different to say whether effects are computer generated or not. For instance in the old days actors like for example Christopher Reeves used to bulk up for their part in the movie in this case Evans had to be shrunk down with CGI to make a whimpy little Steve Rogers before being injected with the Super Soldier Serum. The technique used for this process was amazing and I am looking forward to see the bonus features in the dvd to see how exactly it was done.

Last but not least don”t forget to watch all the movie credits till the end because there is a teaser of The Avengers movie. So, while looking forward to watch The Avengers movie stay tuned for upcoming movie reviews!

Fabio Agius

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