[size=100]Writer: Ed Brubaker[/size]
[size=100]Artist(s): Epting, Lark, Perkins and Leon.[/size]
[size=100]Publisher: Marvel Comics[/size]

[size=100]This book really surprised me. Before I get into it let me just explain that I have never read a Captain America title before now, I just know him from (Civil war, The ultimate’s and the new avengers) so reading the winter solider was my first time just getting caps story without interference from other characters.[/size]

[size=100]The reason this book surprised me is because I seen a much tougher, collected and badass side of Rogers than in any other stories I’ve read him in but with a real deepness to the character. Besides Civil war (I chose caps side) this is the first time I actually pitied the character properly, Like I cried! Mark Millar wrote him brilliantly but I really did enjoy this version a bit more.[/size]

[size=100]Brubakers take on cap hits all the right spots to keep you on the edge of your seat. The winter soldier is filled with mystery, spy missions, awesome action and to add to the mix, some lover’s quarrels from time to time between Rodgers and Sharon Carter. It also has so many twists and turns you’ll be biting your nails in anticipation![/size]

[size=100]I know I’m extremely late reading this title but for those of you who have not read the book and like me, are being bullied into it by your boyfriend/girlfriend or whoever… Take their advice, it is awesome! I went in as someone who didn’t care about weather I read captain America or not and came back out of the book craving more telling my boyfriend I’m in love with cap (Yeah I bet he regrets it now ha-ha) but seriously, it really is fantastic! I can see why my partner aspires to be like him. The winter solider him-self has such a heart wrenching and amazing origin. Geez, the opening alone would rope a person in, it’s a mental beginning that shocked me and had me doubting and questioning everything as I was reading it, I had my boyfriend laughing because I kept putting the book down to ask him what the hell was going on because I didn’t have the patience for my slow reading skills![/size]

[size=100]Anyway… I think from all my (Awesome and amazing) it’s pretty clear that I liked this book! The only downfall (In my opinion) was the art. Steve Epting did a seriously cool job; the art was beautiful, it tells the reader exactly what they need to know but then all of a sudden the art changes into this muddy looking puddle of illustration that takes you out of the story for a brief moment. That’s my only issue but in saying that other people might love it![/size]

[size=100]I hope my opinion helps make up your mind about reading it yourselves. : P[/size]

[size=100]My next move is to find the second book ‘Captain America: Red Menace’ and read the hell out of that, I can’t wait to see where they’re taking this story.[/size]

[size=100]On a side note, myself and my partner Anthony went to see ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ a few days after I read the comic. I was expecting the movie to be very close in story considering the movie title and there is allot of crazy things in the book that I wanted to see come to life on the big screen but they didn’t happen. As absolutely epic as the film is (We’ve seen it 3 times) it wasn’t the book. So for new readers, just don’t expect an identical storyline but do enjoy them both all the same! [/size]

[size=100]Thanks for reading![/size]

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