Singles issues 1-3 (complete series)
Publisher: Image
Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Gary Erskine
Coloured by D’Israeli

Books written by Warren Ellis; particularly his creator based projects generally divide readers into a love it/hate it category. I happen to subscribe to the former. Being one of Warren’s earlier works City of Silence is not as polished as his recent material. That said, I found the crudeness of this book particularly charming.

As customary with Ellis in this book he creates a totally twisted city which survives on silence. Where everyone has the technology to create brand new ideas a bad one will get the Silencers on your butt. The Silencers are the equivalent to the police, and the main protagonists of this book are three Silencers that get the job done by any means necessary. We follow the Silencers as they investigate a dead kid with a silicone pentagram on his neck.

All the traits that signify Warren’s writing are in evidence in this book. The political intrigue, the degeneration of mankind, the filthy, witty and downright hilarious dialogue and the brutality are all present. So those who enjoy Warren’s books will not be disappointed with this one. Adding to the interest of this book are snippets of prose/police reports which are worth the money by themselves.

Gary’s artwork really brings the chaos of the city alive and absorbs you into the context. Though I’m not any artist I can imagine that bringing this city to life was not easy task even for a master such as Erskine. Nonetheless, he manages it with panache. The finely detailed backgrounds are magnificent and beckon you to explore them. Erskine’s fine job is adequately complemented by D’Israeli’s palette.

Completing this book is a special pin-up gallery featuring artwork by well loved artists which include Chris Weston, Dougie Braithwaite, John McCrea, Andi Watson, Steve Pugh, Simon Fraser, Dom Regan, Kev Hopgood, Jon Haward, and Matt Greg. Trust me your eyes will more than feast here. It’s like holding a small gallery of impressive works in your very own hands. A big bonus indeed.

If you never read Ellis before, than I suggest other titles to start with but if you have than you’ll surely lap this up. So unless you want the Silencer’s knocking on your door make sure to get yourself a copy.

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle

Note: Gary Erskine and Jon Haward will be at the Malta Comic Con 2011 on the 26th and 27TH November. So make sure to be there too.

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