Written and drawn by Michael L. Peters

When I First saw this title, I dreaded having to read it and review it. From the title and the cover, I assumed it is the usual escapist fantasy comic that goes nowhere. Ohh how wrong I was.

Michael L. Peters writes a nice tale with the potential to open up into an epic narrative that touches on magic and sci-fi. I think this is the first instance in which I read a story that has a witch interacting with zombies and Aliens. The book is divided into 4 chapters that deal with different aspects of this “introductory” story. I describe this comic as introductory because its purpose is to tease the reader by introducing the main characters and some plots that eventually will be explored more in the books to follow.

The story focuses on a man that the reader catches leaving a city and arriving in New Orleans, hence the title “Welcome to New Orleans”. From the onset, the reader is made aware that something is not right as the main character is shown running away from something, always on the move and changing cities. We are also introduced to the Witch which is the heart of the book. Along the fun ride that is this book, we get introduced to other characters which somehow give the reader a feeling that they will be important later on. As far as character development goes, Michael offers glimpses of what the characters are and what they can be. Some back story is fleshed out for the main man, however, little is known about the others. This is not a bad thing as I feel it was done on purpose to sell the book for its mystery rather than its plot.

Michael’s art is very good. His portrayal of New Orleans feels authentic and he even manages to weave in the dialogue certain key references to the city itself. I like his designs of the characters and how each one has his own thing which is visible from the way they dress and behave themselves.

I am really looking forward for the next book in this series. This book does a very good job of setting up a world which has the potential for very good narratives. Again, I am really interested to know the fact concerning Alien abduction and the relationship with magic. Not to mention how zombies are also involved. This graphic novel is a very good entertaining read with enough content to satisfy the reader for now, but also an introduction that deserves a continuation.

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