Publisher: Marvel Comics
Rating: Rated T+
Writer: Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire
Penciller: Aaron N. Kuder
Cover Artist: Aaron N. Kuder

Review by: Christopher Muscat

Although nowadays I read a variety of comics I still need my monthly Marvel dose of comics. The X-Men have been an integral part of my childhood so I still keep an eye on what is happening to these much beloved characters.

After the Secret War event, Death of X explores the recent mystery about the death of the mutant leader, Cyclops. The Terrigen cloud, is giving powers to those individuals with the Inhuman gene. However this is lethal to mutants with both mutants and Inhumans reacting differently.

A well written page turner thanks to the collaboration of Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire. They provided depth to characters which have been recently neglected and thus setting up the new status quo. Both writers are within my ever expanding group of favourite authors. Their independent work is the best.

Artist Aaron Kuder is a newcomer in the Marvel universe. He seems to be influenced by Frank Quitely although his art lacks detail. Looking forward for his future projects.


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