These issues feature the much publicized death of one of the Fantastic Four. I will not reveal whose death it is, although anyone that followed the internet during the last few weeks will surely know. Many collectors will certainly buy this comic since it is a milestone event but I have been collecting Marvel”s first family for years. Writer Jonathan Hickman respects and evolves its past history while weaving new stories. Not only that but he has nailed down all the characters, individually and as a family. I was sceptical about another death in the comics medium (although I had guessed whose death it was going to be) but Mr. Hickman has gained my respect as a writer and I am looking forward for future issues. These issues have been drawn by Steve Epting, that although the panels are a bit dark for the usual setting, his pencilling are spot on the figures, especially the children”s faces. Bring on the next arc and bye the way, he will be back!


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