I was never a fan of the Legion of Super-heroes. Just read the odd comic now and then as there was too much baggage with their comic history. On top of that I did not like Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis as I found it too confusing especially if one is not an avid reader of DC comics. I spared this story arc a chance since it was written by Geoff Johns (master of reinventing characters) and classic artist George Perez. Artwork is at its usual best with Perez having the time of his life trying to include as many characters as possible into each panel. Regarding the story, it is the meeting of various legionnaires from alternate universes uniting to battle the common enemy of Final Crisis. It is narrated at a good pace and explains every step and chapter taken. At the end of the battle we have some returning characters. This is Geoff Johns’ talent as he keeps introducing me to the DC universe.


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