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Story by Chris Dreier
Art by Giuseppe D’Elia, Chris Dreier
Colors by Chris Dreier
Cover by Giuseppe D’Elia, Chris Dreier
Publisher Afterburn Press

Hello Geeklings,

So if you saw my video you know I did a review for my friends over at Wicked Comics. I wanted to summarize and organize what I said in a blog post for those of you who wanted to read the main points. So here we go

Art Style : The art style focuses on using a cool color palette that runs through the comic giving it a clean well put together look that’s easy to follow and is gentle on the eyes. The line work of the comic is clean and smooth whilst still paying attention to shading and highlight work.

Story line: The story line reminds me of those classic 90s comics that were filled with adventure and fun which is refreshing in an age when comics are becoming more psychological and dark. The genre is not really one that can be pinned down as it contains elements from sci-fi and classic horror making it a good fit for many readers.

Characters: The characters are interesting and dynamic and although they fit certain archetypes they aren’t limited to just that. I was also pleasantly surprised that the writers gave classic characters a new twist. For example it isn’t new to have a set of twins as protagonists however having the twins be a fusion of two instances of a single person from a different universes is unheard of as of yet.

Audience : I feel like this comic can cater to a young audience who is just getting a feel for comics and an older audience who wants to read something that reminds them of their younger days.

Final thoughts : I really liked the comic and I am adding it to my subscription list because it was interesting and kept me entertained all throughout.I recommend it especially for those who are new to the comic scene.

Hope you enjoyed the review and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Stay saucy.

Geekling Out x.

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