Hal Jordan is back to his roots being The Green Lantern. Geoff Johns is making me a fan of this character having reinstated him in his proper role, following some misadventures he had in the 90s (as a villain, his death and as a different kind of hero). This collection of the first part of his new series unfolds with flashbacks of his origin with art drawn by Darwyn Cooke and his excellent return to the DC universe by a variety of great artists that are Carlos Pacheco, Ethan Van Sciver and Simone Bianchi. This is a good starting point for any new readers that might still find him a bit childish to discover this silver age hero with his supporting characters. DC comics are very fortunate to have Geoff Johns as their writer, as he has the ability to change lame characters into amazing heroes or real threats. The cherry on the cake is of course the Alex Ross Cover!


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