I always compared Spawn to a demonized Batman, so after I saw the cover of the Haunt, a demonized Spider-man came to my mind. Robert Kirkman wanted to collaborate with Todd McFarlane and with the help of Greg Capullo and Ryan Ottley this is the result. The story focuses on two brothers, a non perfect priest and a soldier whose lives become one whole big mess, which is the main theme of the book. This volume does not provide all the answers related to the origin of Haunt but just an introduction to the characters. This is the writing style that Robert Kirkman uses to hook us to a comic series , a technique used to keep us craving for more till the next issue. Ryan Ottley’s art is darker than his usual but this is enhanced with the help of Capullo’s layouts and McFarlane’s inks. Although it needs further reading this series looks promising.


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