Headshrinker’s Press is a small label comic book company from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their first publication, ‘Headshrinker’s Press Presents’ is an anthology of 4 short stories by different writers and artists. These stories have different tones and art styles but the one thing that links them together is the dark themes of the stories. Not all are good but all have the potential to tell great stories.

Landslide – Roots: People of Pachamama
Written: Nichi Scribbles
Pencils and inks: Armando C. Rillo, Sr
Letters: Michael Neno
Colors: Olaloye Bolaji

‘Landslide’ is about a goddess of the earth living in a city with the people of Pachamama. The story takes the form of a boy, son of the king, asking his father why, considering that the city is clean and tidy, the king doesn’t do anything about a hill in the city that is overrun by nature. The King then goes on to tell the tale of the Earth Goddess and why this is connected with the hill in question.

The way the story is told is a bit clunky and not very straightforward. At some point, I lost who was speaking to who and what point it had to the main story. The art however is the best of the book. I liked the colors and how they matched thematically to the story even though the poor writing hindered the overall experience.

Written: Dominic Archer
Pencils and inks: Lee Melton
Letters: Nichi Scribbles
Colors: Primus Dickerson

How strange it is to have an astronaut find a red door in the middle of the moon. Even stranger is what lies on the other end. This story is as lunar and crazy as it gets. I liked the original concept and idea. The door seams to be a link into different earths or dimensions of earth. Going through all the doors the astronaut returns to the moon to find his ship in ruins and useless. His only option? To go through the red door and see what lies ahead for him.

Again, I congratulate the idea and concept and I think this can make for an interesting series. The art was slightly different from the first story but it was good overall.

Diana the Huntress
Written: Nichi Scribbles
Pencils, inks, letters: Tsujigo/ink
Colors: Matt James

This is my favorite out of all the stories in this anthology. It is dark and very realistic. The story follows a woman who is remembering the tragedy of rape that had happened on a bus, the same bus she is on. In order to deal with her trauma, she started stalking her assailant only to discover a network of bus drivers who all share the same interests. Bus drivers that rape and kill women for sport. The story ends with a beginning of sorts. Diana, the woman of the story, gets her revenge by killing the man who started it all. All with the intention to stop this network once and for all.

As I said earlier, this is my favorite when it comes to storytelling. The art however, is the worst I have seen. This is where there needs to be a major improvement. The story alone does not make a good comic book and I do feel that the art hinders a great story in this case.

Written, inks, letters: Jonny Hinkle
Colors: Marcus Odoms

Science vs nature or more precisely S.O.N, Science Over Nature. This is what the story is all about. When a group of people calling themselves S.O.N., end up in a forest with the purpose to cut down the trees, they are faced with a big surprise. A giant tree comes to life to defend the forest and teach S.O.N. a lesson. The tree is infused with some magical energy from the earth, which the humans never learnt to harness, is the only explanation the reader gets.

This is another story with great potential and it can carry a message that is quite important nowadays, about the balance of nature and science. The art is quite good and the dark shades really help to give the story that mystery elemental feel.

Overall, I quite enjoyed these short stories by Headshrinker’s Press. Keeping in mind that this is their no. 1 issue, they have some pretty interesting ideas. I do hope that the more they publish the more they learn and get better at what they are doing.as I want to see more interesting original stories from these guys.

Check out their comic book here: https://payhip.com/b/xua4
Check out Headshirnker’s Press here: http://headshrinkerspress.com/

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