I have been following Jae Lee”s art career for some time. When he started his Hellshock comic in the 90″s with Image comics, I thought that this was another superhero comic from that infamous era, but I was wrong. Although the artwork was captivating, I did not bother to read it at the time. I think that this comic marked a crucial point in his career which has led to the great change and eventual improvement in his artwork which unfortunately I had missed. So now, a decade and a couple of years afterwards I got the opportunity to read it. I can say that the words that come to my mind to describe this hard cover edition are dark, sad, mad and a tragic poem. At a slow moody pace, Jae Lee”s story is a psychological thriller portraying the relationship between a female doctor and her patient in a mental institution. Praise goes to the art which gives us some of the best panels ever put into the pages of an Image release.


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