Ever wanted to learn about the origins of video-games, the history of game companies, and the changes in the games market over the years? Don’t let the somewhat generic looking cover fool you inside you’ll be able to track games from their earliest origins as pinball machines in the late 19th century. To seeing photographs of Atari’s original business contract and of course the images are the biggest draw in this book, which have in many cases been meticulously researched. The writing is extremely detailed, with it’s focus entirely on factual analysis there is nothing casual about this book.

This book was published at least 10 years ago, so why review it now? Well December 7th 2012 the third edition of this book will be released covering the video-game history of the past decade in addition to the preceding years. Taking the book from it’s original weighty 328 pages to a whopping 468 pages. I have the first edition of this book as I was only interested in the “retro” video game history, however If the latest edition holds up to the standard of the original I would heartily recommend it to any video-game enthusiast.

I first heard about this book when I saw it recommended by John Romero himself. So my expectations where extremely high, but High Score the illustrated history of electronic games managed to deliver. My only criticism of this book is that focuses on North American and European games, and does not cover the Japanese games market, which would have been interesting to learn more about the history of video-game consoles only released in Japan.

5/5 Trilby Hats a great book!

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