Now this is pure Garth Ennis! This is the writer that can put violence in a comic and make you laugh hard. The main character in this series is contract killer Tommy Monaghan aka Hitman. He was created in the 1993, DC crossover “Bloodlines”, in which various super powered characters were introduced by gaining their powers through being bitten by parasitic aliens. The powers gained, are X-ray vision and moderate telepathy. The series ventures around Tommy, his friends, various members of his cast, as they go through various killings and threats. Although this is not a superhero comic, it comes along with some guest stars and jokes on the DC universe happenings. The artist is the Irish, John McCrea, a regular collaborator with Garth Ennis. Even though the series is some years old, it is still fresh and a good read if you want to enjoy a comic without the baggage of continuity and complex stories.


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