Jeph Loeb has done some interesting work during his run as a comic book writer, but he did receive some negative critique toward his work on this series. I do not concur with this negative critique as I found out the introduction of the Red Hulk quite easy going, interestingly bombastic and funny at times. This different in hue and character Hulk, battles and teams up with a variety of heroes and villains through out these four volumes. He intends to rid the world of the green Hulk, keep up with his agenda and keeping his identity a secret (for now!). What we have for sure, are various battle splash pages scenes, most of them done by artist Ed McGuinness. In the fourth volume Ian Churchill imitates Ed’s art style but I would have preferred his own style of detailed artwork done in previous comics. All in all quite a good read and hey, we get to have a sexy but lethal Red She-Hulk too!


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