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Wicked Comics, organisers of the Malta Comic Convention and promoters of the comic culture worldwide are proud to announce that Spanish independent film maker Fran Casanova has just released his new short fan film titled India Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol. The film which is approximately 15mins long (excluding credits) was produced on virtually zero budget, without a professional crew and is essentially a tribute to Steve Spielberg. However, despite its limitations the movie also highlights Casanova’s talent as a director and perfectly captures the spirit of the original India Jones movies. So any fan of the Indy titles is likely to enjoy this fan film, which is certainly one of the best fan films, Wicked Comics have seen.

The movie is in Spanish with English sub-titles, and contains everything one expects from an Indiana Jones movie; action, adventure and some classic comedic moments. Even the introduction is a water downed version of the classic Indy intros. Obviously this being a fan film, none of the actors are Hollywood stars but they all carry their duties admirably and the main actor though no Harrison Ford still lends a certain charm to this short. The direction of the movie is spot on and coupled with the post production visual effects laid down Jesus Diez makes the action sequences in this fan film a joy to watch. A word of praise must also go to composer Oscar Navarro for his excellently reproduced score.

Fran’s passion for film making augurs well and so far he has produced and directed numerous commercials, music videos and shorts most of which have been selected for a vide range of festivals, and the winners of numerous awards. His 2010 movie; Battlefield which he also wrote won major awards in Spain and Argentina.

Battlefield can be watched on:

Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol placed first in Tri-City Independent / Fan Film Festival “TCIF3” and was also screened at the New York Comic Con in 2009. Peter Tatara (conference manager at NYCC) said the following:

We are always happy to showcase the work of the talented and creative fans from around the world, and there’s no better example of this than our presentation of Fran Casanova’s Indiana Jones and the Search For the Lost Idol. Crafted out of a love for adventure and one of cinema’s most classic icons, every moment of Fran’s fan film is etched with the spirit of the immortal, beloved Indy!”

Wicked Comics couldn’t agree more:

So irrespective if you’re a fan of short movies or Indiana Jones, we suggest you give this one a go. Chances are you’ll love it.

Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol can be watched here:

Fran Casanova’s next project is The Heart of the Dragon an epic short which is currently in post-production. He is also currently penning the script of his first feature length movie, and if he manages to retain the quality he has so far showed in his shorts then a successful career awaits him!

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