Story: Jose Loeri
Art: Montos
Cover Colors: Diogo Nascimento
Lettering and Embellishments: Oval
Executive Editor: Alan M. Cole
Editor-in-Chief: David B. Welcher
Publisher: Crucial Crisis Comix and gi graphic illusions comics

‘Intrepid’ is one of those comics where the main focus is the action and the art. In these six issues, the story moves forward slowly, however, since this is sort of the origin story of how a group of unlikely heroes is formed, I understand leaving some plot lines for future stories. What really perplexes me though is how confusing the plot actually gets. This is not a straightforward evil vs good kind of story.

In my opinion, too many characters are involved with their own personal backstory, which diverts the focus from the main plot. At times, I was completely lost as to what purpose a particular character’s interaction is having on the other characters. Characters seem to be introduced randomly and then forgotten.

The story centres around a team of a US government retrieval unit that get kidnapped and experimented on by an organization that tries to create paranoarmal humans to serve as soldiers for the highest bidder. The story follows their commander who escapes and tries to save them later. We learn that only one survivor is left who shared a special bond with her commander. Furthermore, some alien tech was implanted into this soldier’s body, however, the experiment did not go according to plan and it created an unstoppable force that goes out of control. As a means to stop her, a group of superheroes are called in, and together with her previous commander, and his new found friends; they try to save her from the tech inside her.

As you can imagine, things are not always that simple and this comic gets too complicated at times. I am not saying this is a bad comic because actually it is really good. The character development of the main characters is very good; giving them a personal touch, which makes them emotionally resonant with readers. Also, the story is an interesting one, however, it does feel as an introductory one, which really disappoints me. There could have been some more explanation as to the whole affair. Maybe the first six issues are like an appetizer for what is to follow?

The art by Montos is very good. The detail of every panel really amazed me and I also enjoyed the character designs. The fight scenes have an epicness to them that convey the power these characters hold.

This comic is not the typical superhero comic. It is a good entertaining concept and I feel that it will lead to some interesting issues and future stories. I do feel that maybe simplifying the story telling part will definitely increase the enjoyment of this comic, but over all, it is not a bad comic.

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