Graphic Novel (of-sorts)
Publisher: Self published through Blurb.
Written by John Bamber
Art by John Watson, Anna Meril, Kev Crossley, Enrique Corts, Tim Seelig and Mar Hernandez
Pin Up art by Dave Kendall, Giovanna Casotta, Dawn Finchman and Jason Eden.

If you have ever been to the Malta Comic Con or any other comic con for that matter, chances are you met a lovely fellow that goes by the name of John Bamber. An avid supporter of comic books, John Bamber has been instrumental in making the Malta Comic Con happen. Simply put, without John there would be no Malta Comic Con. The fact that I’m lucky enough to count John among my friends make’s me somewhat biased on reviewing this book. But then again I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed this book because I known John.

As comic books go, this is a pretty unique one. In fact it seems more like a collection of comic strips featuring a central character than a stand alone graphic novel. What you get here is around 7 comic strips featuring a journalist going by the name of Philippa. In each story Philippa interviews a mythical character which includes Death, King Arthur, Medusa and a mermaid. A different artist is brought to work on each story bringing with him/her a fresh perspective and thus keeping things interesting at all times. The rest of the book consists of some fine pin up art and an additional bonus story.

Not knowing what to expect when I bought this, I was hooked right from the start. The pacing is excellent and John’s dialogue is sharp, witty and funny. The joy of this book is getting to see well known characters from a different light. The tone of the book is constantly flirtatious although never vulgar and you can’t help but laugh at the sexual connotations which pepper each story. This makes for a very entertaining read and one which comes highly recommended. All the stories here are entertaining and lead to an explosive epilogue consisting of an interview with the writer himself. Hilarious indeed.

Given John’s knowledge of comics, it’s not surprising that each story is very well presented by the artist on board. Each piece of artwork perfectly compliments the story and the change in style keeps things fresh.

If you’re looking for something light and entertaining than this is definitely a title you should check out. If you’ve never read a comic book this is an excellent way to start. Give this a go and you will not be disappointed. My only gripe is that the book could have done with 2-3 more stores. So all in all a top drawer effort from John, and hopefully he’ll write more mythical stuff soon.

Yours comically

Chris Le Galle

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