I am writing this review exactly after watching the movie and I am ecstatic. The movie was great, and, I have to say, that it might just be one of the best animated movies from DC Comics It is definitely the most bloody, violent, and downright hardcore DC Comics animated film to date. Being a very big fan of the story ‘Flashpoint’, I am aware that the story was more a means to an end and to introduce the New 52 universe. However, I enjoyed the story as it portrayed a very heartfelt moment of The Flash trying to cope with the grief of his dead mother. I am amazed about how much of the story elements they kept from the comics into the movie. Sure, the comics had more tie-ins and other stories that better explain the Flashpoint universe, but, in my opinion, one has to admit that in this movie they touched on all the little things that made ‘Flashpoint’, the comic book story, successful.

The voice casting was great. At some point however, some characters (not major ones) do sound a bit like other characters but that’s just small nit picking. The sound and music complemented the whole movie and I found myself literally encapsulated in the movie as I completely forgot how the story ended. In fact, during the end I kind of believed, for a second or two that it was really the end and there was not hope for our heroes. When a movie makes you forget the source material and you get invested in the characters so well, you forget what is going to happen next, be it a real life movie or an animated one, then, that is indeed a good movie. This is just that kind of movie.

The style of animation is anime inspired and it is so wonderful to look at. This kind of animation gave the darker story elements more gravitas and meaning. The Flash carried the movie well and we get to see a side we do not usually associate with the character. Most people think of the Flash as the joker on the Justice League, the guy always with the joke at hand. However, in this movie we get to see the darker side of things.

Even though the movie centers around the Flash, we do get to see other characters from the DC universe, however, and this is something that comic book also suffered from, all we get are glorified cameos. From Hal Jordan to Lex Luthor, everyone makes an appearance which only lasts a few minutes. What we do get a lot of is Batman, but be warned, this is not the same batman from your childhood. This batman kills and is most probably an alcoholic. His story is also explored briefly and from the whole flashpoint universe, I find it to be the most interesting take on Batman yet.

I highly recommend this movie even to people who are not fans of comics or who never watched an animated movie before. They will like it. In the end, as with the comic, there is also an important lesson to be told and something that answers some of the most debated questions of comic book fans. For example questions like: If they can travel through time, why don’t they go and prevent any major historical tragedy from happening? Well, watch this movie and see why not!

‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’ succeeds wildly where the comic might have fallen flat. By incorporating choice elements from the comic event tie-ins to the main narrative, it hits all the right notes to not only create an intense thriller, but also prove that Flash can carry his own film. This is a seriously hardcore cartoon with lots of brutal violence, and while sometimes the line is crossed, it’s generally a good amount of fun, especially when Batman is involved.

I understand that the point of the comic book story was for the DC Universe to have another reboot with the New 52, but in the end, DC managed to create a very solid story and made the introduction of the New 52 actually make sense. Also, during the ending, fans will realise that the movie follows the comic book so closely, that the 52 will be also debuting to the DC animated universe. As most DC fans might have already heard, the next movie in production will be ‘Justice League – War’ and this will follow up the story arc from the first 7 Justice League issues of the New 52. We can only hope that DC will keep the same people to work on these new titles and that in the future, we will see other New 52 storylines making their debut to the animated universe.

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