Hardback Graphic Novel
Publisher: Dark Horse
Story and Art: David Lloyd
Letters: Dan Jackson

There is no doubt that David Lloyd is a talented artist. V for Vendetta is a testament to this fact. What I didn”t know until recently was that David is such a nice guy. This was confirmed during his stay in Malta for the first ever Comic Con on the Island. But what I”ve learned from reading Kickback (way before David came to Malta) is that on top of all this David is also one hell of a writer.

Kickback is a crime noir thriller, and fans of the genre will definitely lap this up. Set in Franklin City, the story follows Joe Canelli a corrupt policeman who”s trying to solve multiple gang related murders, while in the same time, trying to keep in check his nightmares, which might hold the key to unlock the memory block he experienced as a kid.

What makes the story so interesting is not so much as who had done what but rather what will Joe do and why. While reading the book I often found myself thinking what would I do had I been in Canelli”s place. While the plot is simple the complexity of the lead persona makes this book well worth reading.

The fact that David wrote and drew the book plays in Kickback”s favour. Being a master of sequential art, David makes the most of his artistic talents to ensure that the artwork literary grips you and injects so many emotions in the story. Going through the book you really feel like a resident of Franklin City.

So if you”re looking for a book with substance then this one comes highly recommended. The cult following that it has garnered is all the proof you need. My suggestion is to keep this one for a rainy night. Make yourself a hot cuppa, take off your shoes, light the pipe, settle on the couch and Kickback!

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle

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