Title: Krossfire
Publisher: Kreative House
Writer / Artist: Florentino Santibanez
Colors: Jun Mananguit Martinez

Review by Jesse Brown:

What do you get when you cross Iron Man, G.I. Joe, and Judge Dredd? If your answer is one outrageously cool cyber warrior from the future, you’d be right on the money. Krossfire is that character, and he’s every bit as awesome as I described.

So forget about those other guys for a moment, and put yourself in combat mode as you’re about to open the pages of Black Project Krossfire.

Plot Summary:

In a distant future, in a world not unlike our own, a one world government has taken control. A black ops patrol under the command of the USAF going by the name of Ghost Squad consists of two men in high tech combat suits.

One of the men, codenamed: Krossfire is assigned the 15 min task of capturing an informant, which requires getting past the battle ready guards.

Krossfire goes in and faces off against a group of terrorists known as the Grim Reapers, and their leader Stargrin. Krossfire has no trouble taking out the subordinates with his super powered laser gun, designed to blast through any know substance.

After destroying the guards, Krossfire eventually comes face to face with Stargrin; one of the top 10 most wanted terrorists in the world. Surprisingly, instead of a fight, Stargrin surrenders and relishes the fact that Krossfire is unable to harm him to due to his orders.

Krossfire reluctantly complies but not without issuing a stern threat and severe warning.


This is a crazy cool original action comic, fresh released from the guys at Kreative House. It has elements of all the stuff I love; high intensity, life threatening danger, incredible technology, and major heroic exploits, just to name a few.

The art really shines. It delivers a very solid clean look, expertly detailed and creatively designed. All the metal tinges, glimmers, and glares illustrate a cool steel surface of bad ass armor and ultra tech weaponry. It’s everything Robocop should be or would be if done better.

This issue of the comic is a little too short in length for a plot analysis. Story wise, the series has yet to unfold but this issue is a very tantalizing teaser of what’s to come.

The threat of the terrorists is no doubt global and worldwide, which really up’s the scale and potential. Surely Krossfire and Stargrin will have another encounter without such an anticlimax.

Pick up this issue for its kick ass art and introduction to the world of Krossfire, which should be making an impact on readers in the near future.

The last couple pages feature some glorious artwork to really please your eyeballs, making it truly worth getting.

This comic has all the makings of greatness and just needs enough exposure to gather an audience.

Stay tuned for more fantastic metal on metal warfare from Krossfire, by visiting Planbcomics.com

Editor’s Note: Krossfire will be also launching in 2013 at Hound Comics, stay tuned for that!

Review originally published in Indie Comix

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