“La Maschera son Io” is an Italian Manga produced by ShinProjectStudio  and created by Samantha Scuri and Massimiliano Gissi.
Designed in Black and White, the 93 page Manga is a real page turner. In the first 4 chapters we are introduced to various characters each one with a distinct personality. The story follows an intrepid thief wearing a mask who uses the identity of another rouge who also wears a mask. During the latest heist the thief meets the original man who wears the mask and the latter challenges him to a duel. They are soon interrupted and they have to join forces against a common threat.
The mystery of the masked men looms through out the first volume as more details about their respective stories unfolds. Diverse instances of comic relief easily bring about a smile on your face making you eager to continue reading this engaging story.
With regards to the design; faithful to the typical Manga,  “La Maschera son Io” is in black and white. The mastership of the artist is evident in the details used to design each character uniquely. Great attention is given both to the anatomy of the characters, the items carried by them and also to their clothing.
For those interested in reading “La Maschera son Io” by ShinProjectStudio  and created by Samantha Scuri and Massimiliano Gissi, it will be available at the Malta Comic Con 2016! So don’t miss out and make sure to meet MCC 2016 guest Samantha Scuri to discover the intrepid world of “La Maschera son Io”.
Review by Samantha Abela
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