Life Drawing: A Life Under Lights by Jessica Martin

Publisher – Unbound

Review – Ryan Scicluna

Memoirs are always personal and graphic novel ones, have a tendency to feel even more so. This can be attributed to the fact that by drawing memories, the authors can truly show readers their experiences and thus add an extra level of feeling to their story. Jessica Martin has managed to share parts of her life with vivid storytelling that captures the emotions of the different stages of life. Starting from a young girl to the point of accepting tragedies through theater and dancing, Jessica Martin’s journey is very relatable because everyone goes through their fair share of ups and downs as they grow. It is refreshing to hear about how through our passions, we manage to accept those parts of our lives and move on.

Life Drawing is an apt title because Jessica literally draws her life how she feels it. This means the book has a natural narrative structure which keeps readers engaged and interested. I found reading Life Drawing quite pleasing and personal. Like I said before, memoirs excel in graphic novel format and Jessica has a natural talent for drawing mundane scenes in an engaging way. I highly recommend picking up this graphic novel or her other books It Girl and/or Elsie Harris Picture Palace.

Jessica Martin will be one of the many guests present at the Malta Comic Con 2019 in November.


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