Title: Life Sucks
by Jessica Abel (Author) , Gabriel Soria (Author) , Warren Pleece (Illustrator)
Paperback: 192 pages
Published April 2008, by First Second
Edition Language: English
Review by Luke Brincat

Meet Dave, a young broke baby faced vampire schmuck, stuck in a dead end job as a night manager at a 24 hour owned convenience store and his life is going nowhere. Dave’s life as a vampire is about to get complicated when he sets eyes on a girl, and if you think that this graphic novel is a cheesy vampire love story, like we’ve seen a lot of recently, you are wrong and this is nothing as I have seen or read before.

The plot works out good although sometimes it could have been more interesting or gripping! Do not get me wrong, this Graphic novel is good, not brilliant, but a good read and in a way that it portrays vampires as “humanly” real as possible. This is a breath of fresh air vis a vis the vampire genre, in the sense that not all vampires live in large mansions or castles or are rich, and mysterious.

I picked up this Graphic novel from the Malta Comic Con 2013. At first this graphic novel didn’t seem much and I was about to skip buying it until I met Warren Pleece (illustrator) and gave me a background about the story and I was sold. The Technicolor art style by Pleece, known for his work with DC, including ‘The Invisibles’ and ‘Hellblazer’, certainly fit with the storyline perfectly. This graphic novel is not for everyone; to those people who are not into teenage drama or mild dark humour, stay away. However if you are a romantic, like me, and a sucker for fictional drama then this will make a fun and entertaining read.

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